Hello there! My name is Françoise Kpeglo Moudouthe. Welcome to eyala.

On this blog I explore what it means to be an African feminist today through intimate conversations with young African women.

You will hear from African women who empower girls, lobby governments and run women's rights networks. Women who use their art, voice or platform to demand equal rights. Women who risk everything to challenge the patriarchy.

You will also join me on my journey as an African feminist as I share my own experiences, books that have inspired me and other bits of feminist awesomeness.

The story behind eyala

Early in my career, I realized the extent of the daily violations that are inflicted on women's rights, bodies and dignity in Africa. I felt drained by emotional encounters with survivors of violence and frustrating meetings with politicians, but I drew strength from working with outstanding African women activists.

These women have inspired me and shaped my own journey as a feminist. Yet too often, our conversations have remained technical, constrained by uninspired meeting agendas. For years I have been yearning to speak with them not just about what they do but who they are and what drives them.

What does feminism mean to the African women who champion it every day? What experiences drove them to activism? What is their vision for change? Who do they look up to? What trade-offs and compromises have they had to make?

These questions hardly ever make it to the agenda. With eyala, these questions are the agenda.

eyala is yours

If you'd like to tell me about your journey, suggest feminists I should profile, or share questions you've always wanted to ask African feminists, get in touch!

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